Sunday, June 21, 2009

Off Topic - squirrel proof bird feeder

I get enough comments-questions about this so that I thought I'd post it. Now I can just say look at my blog entry. I had a 10 foot length of 1/2 inch copper pipe left over from a plumbing project. I drove a piece of rebar into the ground at an angle and put the base of the pipe over it. The pipe also gets support higher up from part of the gate. The bottles are a two liter soda bottle (which we use in backpacking - carried 6 in the desert), and a one liter bottle. A faucet washer stops them from sliding further down the pipe. I did have to make a hole in the bottom of each bottle.

The squirrel can run up the pole, but as soon as he steps on a bottle, they swivel around and dump him off. Sometimes he will get on the top of the fence, and divebomb the feeder, but usually he can't hang on and doesn't like the fall, so doesn't do it often. An aside, we've been getting some unattributed taking of blog content so inserting © 2009


  1. It works, but it certainly does not fit with my decorating scheme!

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