Kindle Once Again - this time for Walk, Hike, Saunter

 Last time I did this was Dec 2017. At the moment, memory of how to do it is pretty foggy, but luckily I have my earlier blog posts on this to refresh my memory so printing them out to review. (look for Kindle label in this blog to find).  This book is a little easier than the others - text and inline photos, a table of contents, but no index. Susan has promised it will be out in two and a half weeks, so will try to do that. My immediate issue is that I remember that I have to make some changes to the Indesign file before putting out the epub file that I will update for Kindle, but don't remember quite what they were. Pausing to read my prior posts, and to review Kindle code for Healing Miles . From my 2012 notes I saw that to get reliable chapter breaks, each chapter had to be a separate xhtml file. The default of Indesign is to put out one big xhtml file, but it will break on a style, so I need to be sure the current Indesign document (for Walk, Hike, Saunter ) has an appropriat

Fog, Weasel Antics, Skunk foraging and Point Reyes Elk

A cold and foggy Sunday morning, but we headed for Point Reyes, knowing the elk would be forming harems. About 50 feet before we reached the Pierce Point Ranch parking lot, Susan spotted a skunk about 15 feet from the road, out foraging. We backed up to get a photo, and saw another skunk about 25 feet from the first one. Both were ignoring us, just walking around digging here and there. After a few shots, we park and start down the trail. A few others are braving the fog. A lot of elk are way off the trail, down towards the ocean on the right. The real surprise comes as we continue on towards the pond, where lots of elk usually hang out. Susan spots a movement almost at my feet, just off the trail. A little weasel is popping in and out of a burrow, and boldly just standing and checking us out. You can't really appreciate him until you checkout this movie Susan made, and posted on YouTube:


  1. Called to see you via Solitary Walker. Hi! I love your photos - you have such exciting wildlife over there. Can't do too much walking these days so need to get my kicks from reading about other people's walks.


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Kindle Once Again - this time for Walk, Hike, Saunter