Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cacophony, is this an in word right now?

harsh or discordant sound : dissonance 2; specifically : harshness in the sound of words or phrases. A week or so ago I saw it used in an article, and last night, when we had dinner with my niece and her husband, I heard it spoken for the first time ever, when she was describing time with their nine year old daughter and friends.

Now I am having an absolute cacophonic experience as the old roof comes off right over my head - about three feet away to be exact. There is hammering, scraping, walking, thumping, chattering, shouting in Spanish.

 If you can imagine black snow-like material sifting down, that is what is happening in the garage, which has the old style 1x6 board roof underlayerment, with about 1/4 inch gaps between the boards, and nothing further between the roof and the garage floor.
The one little section of exposed beam ceiling in our house is right above my head - tongue and groove boards, so I didn't expect anything to come through, but right now beams of sunlight are starting to appear above my head. I didn't account for the knotholes. I stop, retrieve a couple of Tyvek groundcloth sheets and throw them over the books stacked around my office. We keep our book inventory right here, and as we sell books, I lose office walls. We have lots of Tyvek around. When we started getting serious about doing the pct, about six years ago, I wanted tyvek as a lightweight groundcloth. Couldn't find any small pieces online, so bought a huge roll at our local Home Depot. I sell some at cost to other backpackers, but it has turned out to be very handy around the house, i.e. bedsheets for grandchildren before they were housebroken, covering firewood, snowcamping snow cave roof, and so forth. Now covering books.

Anyhow, the astonishing thing is that I am pretty much not noticing all this overhead chaos. It must be like living by the subway. Some particle strikes me on the head, I notice it, they fire up some sort of saw, for a moment I hear it, but I'm focused on writing to the exclusion of anything else. This has got to be a heritage from growing up in a family with four children. Chaos is the norm, and we all have learned to cope.

I do have the feeling though, that it might be wise to shut down the computer and cover the keyboard. So doing.

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