Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Joys of Walking in the Rain

As I write this we are having a brief respite from the flash-boom thunderstorm right overhead. I know this is common for many of you, but for we in the Oakland Hills on the east side of San Francisco Bay, a few times a year occurrence. A smattering of hail on the ground, and no birds in sight. Earlier, when it was just windy and raining, birds were all over the place, a dozen or so trying to get on our cylindrical feeder with eight perches.

Our plan for today was a two hour hike, regardless of the weather, so this morning we put on our rain pants, packs, rain parkas, etc. I even put on my Seal Skinz waterproof socks. Our route was one of our favorites, the Heaven Hill & Pacific RR route  I blogged about earlier.

We had just donned the same gear a couple of days ago to go on the Kings Canyon Loop, a familiar local water district trail. On both of these trips there was rain, wind, mud .... and we had a whole lot of fun. There is a lot of in the moment stuff, small slides, water rushing down gutters, hillsides, normally dry creekbeds.

For example, dirt roads frequently have ant colonies, a hole, dirt scattered around, ants scurrying, no big deal. Well, they seem to do things differently during the wet season. There is a dam, an inch or two high, around the entire hole. When it is raining, the dam gets this sort of sponge like appearance, but no water gets in from the sides.

Just a few more shots to encourage you to take a walk in the rain.


  1. I'm house-sitting in Santa Cruz. I've done a couple of beach hikes in the last two days, mostly between downpours.

    The waves are huge and the water is brown from stream runoff.

  2. I've been seeing some of it on the evening news. We were tempted to take our granddaughter over to Pacifica today, just to see the waves, but only got her at 2:45 so couldn't get there and back before the commute rush.

  3. It is so much fun to take a hike in the rain but we should also take into consideration the risk of wet climb. Nothing is lost if we precaution, right?