Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Backpacking Food - Crunch Time, Gotta Buy

I've been slow getting to this point, but I've got to ship our resupply boxes soon. Since they have isobutane fuel canisters, they have to go ground usps or ups, so I need to allow a couple of weeks to get to Oregon & Washington.

Picked up the freeze dried dinners at REI last night when we did a Camino de Santiago talk (see our camino page if that subject interests you). Today we had a long hike planned but Kaiser's dermatology had a cancelled appointment, so scheduled me at 11 to check a new black spot - turned out to be totally harmless - just a sign of aging, but that did break up the day.

So, back home for a bag lunch (had already packed it for the hike) and then review the backpack food list and off to the first stop. The Food Mill - our local bulk food store where I can pick from a dozen kinds of granola. Settled on four choices, but still know that after the trip it will be months before I can stand to eat granola again. I check my list. Now I need the rest of the stuff, bars, Milkman, PopTarts, jerky, gorp material, etc. So I head off to a large nearby Safeway for the rest. They have most of what I need.

No Milkman, but they do have Nido. However, jerky is another story. They have it, but some is moldy, some is outdated, so I don't trust the rest. Head for a big Longs Drug for Tang and jerky. Much better jerky choices, but no Tang, so I exit there for a final stop (I hope) at the Luckys near home. Yes, they have Tang --- but just the little cans and I need 44 quarts. I pull all their 8 qt cans off the shelf and check them. Five have good dates, two are expired and one is about to expire, so I take the five good ones, put the expired ones on the floor, and grab a packet of sugar loaded Koolaid, which will do for the last 4 quarts.

Now three hours after starting, I finally get home and dump all the stuff in the back bedroom. That's all I can do today. Sorting, measuring, packing, double checking the list will happen in the next few days. Almost forgot, have to put in © 2009 to slow the blog bandits. I don't mind if they give attribution, but there are some spammers that copy legitimate articles and highlight text so a click will go off to their spam.

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