Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Youtube video channel and my slide software

We've just been doing training hikes lately, primarily on city streets. Our goal is two  or three long hikes a week. (at least 10 miles). We discovered that Semifreddi's bakery is 5 plus miles from our house, depending on route, so we make the journey there, carrying our packs, have a pastry, buy a sandwich for the trip back, and return home. Voila! 10 miles. They give out these little cards, to be stamped once for each visit. Twelve spots on the card. When it is full, we get a free coffee. At this point we are about half way through our 3rd card, representing about 300 miles walking to Semifreddi's.

To get to the blog topic, we've also been giving some video presentations around the area, some on Patagonia, and some on the Camino. During setup, for my own entertainment, and to test the laptop and digital projector setup, I run some short videos that I've put out to Youtube. After the presentation I always get a couple of questions about the projection software and about how to find our Youtube channel. Now I can say check  my blog.

The presentation software is Pictures to Exc - runs on windows but can build projects for Mac. http://www.wnsoft.com/picturestoexe/ It is very powerful, but the support (excellent) is mainly from the associated online forum. http://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/

To find our Youtube channel, just google for backpack45 youtube and you will find http://www.youtube.com/user/backpack45scb - select browse videos to see all.

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