Monday, December 26, 2011

Strive for a sane life

That was my response to a Facebook friend's poll for 2012 goals.  Colored perhaps, by our immediate condition of aiding, abetting, instigating Susan's 100 (101 in Jan) year old mother's move from independent living to emergency, to rehab, and as we speak, to a assisted living facility, all over a few days time where we had no expectations other than the usual goodwill and conflict of our seasonal family gatherings. God grant me a long and happy life, followed by a painless not waking up some day. My images are of life's collections, spoons on the wall, a grandmother's stitchery, and then the spartan walls of the later stage facility. Nice, caring people, but an existence under observation 

We keep hiking, maybe a little slower, but still enjoying the process. The glimpse of the life ahead is not a pleasant one.


  1. Tough but splendid, these words. As Grandma B used to say, 'It takes courage to grow old'. Fight on..

  2. Actually, I am feeling pretty upbeat about the recent move that my Mom made--with the aid of the family and new facility. It was grueling while the every day 2-hour rt. drives to the hospital and rehab were going on, and the packing and moving days were exhausting, but things have pretty much settled out and Mom seems pretty content and settled in her new apartment. And for once, I don't dread visiting her because the new place is much more cheerful than the old one. No telling what 2012 will bring Mom-wise, but right now it's pretty good.