Friday, November 5, 2010

A Few Fall scenes at Coyote Hills Regional Park

One dark day near Halloween, we took our grandson south, hoping for better weather. We are surrounded by regional parks, most with hiking trails, but some with historic value. Our destination was Ardenwood, a working farm from 100 years ago, now farmed by the park district. Blacksmiths, horses, cows, corn, pigs and pumpkins all are kid worthy attractions. Since Halloween was upon us, we expected some special events.

Alas, the budget cuts have struck, so no special activities. The blacksmith was there, pounding away, but he didn't even have his forge going. So, after surveying the farm animals, and getting hot dogs at the little cafe, we huddled under the cafe porch roof, keeping out of the rain. What now?

Well, Coyote Hills was just west of us and it had a boardwalk out into the freshwater marsh. Maybe we could surprise some ducks. Good choice. The rain stopped, and we strolled along the boardwalk, taking in the fall scene. Finally wrapped up the day by going out to the fishing pier by the nearby Dunbarton Bridge, and scavenging for shells under the bridge. Scenes from our day:

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