Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeling a lot of empathy for those PCTers in Washington right now

The Dinsmores, and the pct-l forum report lots of rain. Fortunately the resupply points are five to seven days apart for strong hikers, so if everything is wet by the fifth day, just a day or two more till you reach civilization. I've already sent off my Stephenson's Warmlite to get endliners, which will reduce condensation in the front and back of the tent, should we ever be so foolish as to ever attempt such a trip again. I'm still investigating how to cook in the tent - seems risky at best. Even if we don't burn our shelter down, how much oxygen do two people need in a Warmlite, and how much is used up if you take 7 minutes to boil a liter of water in the tent? Maybe I should get one of those carbon monoxide warning devices, put it in the tent while we boil a pot of water.


  1. Congrats on finishing the PCT! You graciously shared your campsite at Panther Cr CG on your night one with "Old Dog" and me. This has be a very challenging hiking year with late snow and much rain. After 50 years of hiking in the north Cascades I am still searching for the perfect tent for multiple rainy days and trying to cook and not asphyxiate us. A few years ago we made it thru 8 days of deluge in the Glacier Peak area cooking in the large vestibule of our old REI Halfdome. The problem is the tent was too heavy with our goal of going lighter. This year we used the Nemo Meta 2P which is a tarptent design but still has 2 large vestibules. We were lucky to only get a sprinkle of rain in the Goat Rocks and have not tried to cook in it but it appears it would work.

  2. And we crossed paths again shortly before Packwood Glacier. Thought we might see you coming thru the fog behind us but never did. Most of the time on Goat Rocks, we were too busy watching our footing to look behind us.

    In spite of the weather, we loved your state. The scenery is world class.

  3. Hi Judy/Plan B,
    As Ralph said, we wondered how things went for your little group after Goat Rocks because you had to have started after we went by. Thought you would come barreling past us, so when you didn't, and the hailstorm came, we wondered how it would have been to still be on the mountain.

  4. Hi Susan,
    Took us quite awhile to get everyone across the "knife edge". Spent a lot of time "remembering when" I hiked it with my parents. I know they had their hand on my shoulder through the whole thing. Luckily the storm held off until after Elk Pass. We made camp just at the bottom basin at an old camp I had holed up in another storm 40 yrs ago. I didn't put it together until after we were home and saw you web site but I gave Shirley (my friend that joined us in the Goat Rocks) your book on her 70th birthday. I wish we could have spent another campsite together. It is inspiring to find other women hikers. I hope to be still hiking the trails when I am 70. If any other older hikers are reading this another inspiring couple is "White Beard & Monty" who just completed the whole PCT this year at ages 62 & 70.

  5. We sit in the tent while reaching through the bottom slit opening of the stephenson tent to a stove right outside of the tent. This works in the rain or during a particularly vicious onlaught of mosquitoes. :-)

    Is that a Warmlite poncho you're wearing?

  6. We are wearing Packas. You can google for it. They seemed to wet thru on top, but I did the seam sealing. Now they are taped.