Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bedouin Weaving - Once again - this time a photo essay

I blogged before on Bedouin Weaving of Saudi Arabia and its Neighbours by Joy Hilden, after seeing the first copy she got from the publisher. I have always had a love for the craft of hand weaving, after being exposed to Navajo rugs as a child.

Finally, she has received a shipment of books, and held a book announcement party at her house. We went with great anticipation, knowing that she had been collecting Bedouin weaving for at least eleven years, and hoping she would put some out for display. We were not disappointed. The book is full of color photographs and has stories of the weavers and their techniques, so we had an inkling of what to expect. It still didn't prepare us for the impact of the real thing. I will just show you the few photos I snapped in her living room, and you can judge for yourself:


  1. This post on Bedouin weaving is entirely inspiring. Now I want to get my inkle loom out and figure out how to weave using that pick-up pattern technique that is so well-documented in the photos of the bands with the intricate patterning. Some months ago, I found a YouTube video that demonstrated the technique. Thanks so much!

    (I followed your link from Solitary Walker)

  2. You probably could contact Joy via email beduinweaving.com/author She is a weaver and her father was a weaver.