Friday, April 23, 2010

Trips, treks, tramp of time

This is a big year for us. Finally completed the Torres del Paine circuit in March, in June do the last segment of the Arles Route over the Pyrenees into Spain, and in Aug-Sept complete the 2600 mile Pacific Crest Trail, starting near the southern border of Washington state and reaching Manning Park in Canada about 40 days later. Along with that we are trying to keep up our connections with friends and relatives, and Susan needs to attend to the needs of her 99 year old and somewhat independently  living mother. Not to mention normal house maintenance. It is difficult to keep on top of everything. Yesterday looked at detailed daily mileage for the Pcific Crest Trail trip to get exact time for trip and location of resupplies. Today I checked the flight to France to see whether we arrived in time to go on to Oloron Sainte Marie the same day. Yes, barring delays so querying hotel in Oloron for reservations.

Our calendar every day says "walk". Today there was a note: Carry backpack. Walk seems to get last priority. Today we skipped it in favor of Susan writing, me pruning. One of our good for the soul projects, totally unjustified given our ages, is to get solar panels on the roof. That turned out to entail reroofing. It's been 20 years plus since the last time, so needed, but one more project to get coordinated. Permits are slowly working their way through the city system. Everything needs a permit these days - Oakland needs the money.

Getting ready for solar first meant checking out the roof, which was an opportunity for a new event for our four year old grandson - standing on a roof and looking around. Pretty cool, but going back down the ladder took a little convincing.

Solar made me look more closely at shade conditions, and we have trees on our west slope that Susan has been urging me to trim for years, so today I did one. It's top 20 feet are now sitting in our back yard, waiting for me to shred it and/or cut for firewood. We are also, all other means having failed, counting calories to get down to trail weight. It is slowly working and is making me cherish food. Today I actually rewarded myself with a full Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, for all that tree trimming effort. Our normal  allocation is 4 ounces of red wine with dinner.

And back to the tramp of time. Our other projects are book related, put the books on Kindle, get next printing ready for Print on Demand, which is now the only reasonable way to print runs of less than about 5000 books. The website is still Frontpage, which died in 2003. I need to update it to current software such as Dreamweaver or Expression Web, but again, that takes my time. What to do next. At this moment, my only choice is to blog about the push of time.

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