Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out for the trail challenge again

Yesterday I was feeling the pressure of planning, but this morning we dropped everything and went to Briones Regional Park to do one of their trail challenges - a short loop,  less than five miles, but for a couple of hours there was no computer, no distractions, just enjoying California spring, lush grass, cows and cow pies, poppies popping out everywhere. A coyote cruising through the tall grass, stopping for something in the distance. Probably one of the gophers, who are busy pushing dirt out of their holes this morning. I had a perfect shot of one about a foot away. Sun was at my back, he had no chance to see me, just light fighters out of the sun in those old world war II movies. But Susan had seized the camera a minute before, to capture a burst of orange up ahead, so I just settled for a moment enjoying a gopher's nose at close distance.  Hardly seems fair to call it training. Where's the pain and misery? Now this same route in  mid winter, pouring rain,  boot sucking mud - that's training.

Sat for a minute on the John P Finney memorial bench. Don't know who John was, but appreciated the bench.

Home, and I happily shredded yesterday's tree prunings till supper time, then zipped across the bay to San Francisco for an evening of Fado with Ana Moura. She is not to be missed if in your area. Exotic enough to start conditioning our minds for back on the GR653 in a few weeks.

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