Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gorgeous authoritative book on Bedouin Weaving

Warning, totally unrelated to hiking, other than hikers are lovers of beauty. We just came back from a birthday party which we have been attending for at least fifteen years. Normally it is on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. Everyone brings potluck food, and we eat, the kids play, and everyone hikes all over the island to work off the food consumed. Today, rain, so we descended on the birthday honoree's house instead.

Well, one of the on and off attendees of this event is a textile artist who came bearing her new book, which she had just received from the publisher. I spent quite a bit of time looking through it. This book has about twenty five years of research into it. The author comes from a family tradition of weaving, and when her husband got a teaching assignment in Saudi Arabia, she got introduced to bedouin weaving. Visiting the weavers, learning their customs and circumstances, became a full time obsession. The result is this gorgeous book, full of the author's photographs, in color, along with an authoritative account of both the weaving and the culture.

Check out Bedouin Weaving of Saudi Arabia by Joy Hilden . In the interests of disclosure, I will get a small commission if you order it from Amazon through the above link.

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  1. I echo Ralph's comments. This is an extraordinary book rich with color photos of the textiles, packed with authoritative information (yet very readable).