Friday, January 8, 2010

Buxter Hoot'n at the Freight & Salvage - a band to see

I was booted out of the house last night, as there was a small female only gathering happening, so off I went to the Freight to hear whatever they had going. It turned out to be a collection of three different roots type bands, each having their own set, and each from Indiana, though I don't know if that is significant. The first two sets were ok, some talented individuals, but the overall sound from the groups didn't do much for me. I enjoyed it, but would not go back to hear them again till they played together for a few more years.

The third set was different - Buxter Hoot'n. A lot of energy and their sound worked - filled the large Freight space, and overcame the occasional squeaks and hums from the sound system. Each band member was worth watching and listening to, though I would have liked to heard a lot more from their female vocalist. They are supposed to have a cd, but it wasn't in the lobby, and it is not on Amazon.

I googled a little to see if there was something I could post here to give you an idea of their performance. They don't have much online. The main thing is their MySpace page where you can play some of their tracks and see a couple of videos. Those seem very dated though, compared to what I saw last night. Searching YouTube worked a little better. Click for one of the few featuring their female vocalist. The best thing to do is just see them in person when they come to your neighborhood. Their sound is unique. There were a couple of numbers that were a little drony for me, but I definitely would go back to hear them again.


  1. You can find Buxter Hoot'n's new album "In Another Life" for download or delivery at Its amazing!!

  2. I recently got a copy and am loving it!!