Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pocket Critical Mass

I read Malcom Gladwell's Outliers recently, and enjoyed it immensely - went on to read Tipping Point. Now I propose that he write a third book titled "Critical Mass". As an example, I will relate my recent experience with "Pocket Critical Mass". You see on the right, my left pocket - car 1 keys, car 2 keys, comb, and handkerchief. Also, my spare battery and memory card case that I have started carrying since I began carrying the camera around.

The right pocket is simpler - billfold and phone.

The problem came as I recently added the battery & card case to my left pocket. Before that, there was no problem. I would reach in my pocket, grab the required item. Now the simple act of reaching for my car keys has Susan giving me the squinty eyed look as a fumble around for the right set of keys for about five minutes. You men I am sure, all know the meaning of the squinty eyed look.  That one simple object added to my pocket caused it to exceed critical retrieval mass, dooming location of the right set of keys on the first try.

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