Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oakland Hills Walk 2 - Rockridge BART Loop via Montclair Village Steps 9.5 miles

My GPS says 9.8 miles, my cleaned up Google track says 8.7 miles. Total ascent about 1040 feet. If you start near the top like I do, it is a nice stroll down through the hills and secluded streets to BART and then a fairly good workout back by Lake Temescal and up through the Thornhill Canyon. I look for one of a kinds and the sort of strange as I walk, and this route offers a few, mixed in with the ostentatious and conservative.

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Starting down from Hemlock St & Lodge Ct go a few blocks on busy Colton. Just before you turn left on Heartwood keep your eye open for the yard with the merry-go-round horse on the left.

For a while, retrace the Oakland Hills walk 1 down to Mountain Blvd and Montclair Village. On a weekday you will hear Montclair Elementary about three blocks away. Amble north on Mountain past the school and checkout the library a little later.
Now left on Thornhill and cross under highway 13, turning right on Estates drive. Some old classic houses here. One has the same rectangular corner stones that I saw on estates in France.

Follow Estates to Florence, then to Harbord. Keep looking and you will see a couple of different houses with carved bears, and later, a yard of gnomes.

Finally, Village Market, along Broadway Terrace pass the golf course, and right on Monroe into the Rockridge district. Monroe is a good place to find a parking spot for a short walk to BART. Cross Broadway, down to College and then north on College to BART.

Now the up starts - slowly at first, along streets paralleling highway 24 to Lake Temescal.

Go through the park, passing by restrooms at the south edge, and then left on Broadway Terrace. Under 13. You are right on the Hayward Fault at this moment. Cross Broadway Terrace and go up Glenwood Glade. This quiet redwood shaded street has some magnificent homes, some in good shape, some with their best days behind them. These homes abut Temescal Creek and are very close to the fault. We rejoin Mountain Blvd after a couple of jogs, and at the Thornhill intersection where we were earlier, turn east up Thornhill Blvd. You pass a small commercial area and turn right on Gouldin shortly before the Merriewood steps (a walk yet to be written up). Up to Aspinwall, Thornhill Dr to Snake. Cross Snake to Hemlock St, and up it to Hemlock and Lodge, our starting point.

For an armchair view of this walk, or a preview, watch the youtube video:

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