Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Discovered Walk Oakland Map & Guide

Stumbled across this while searching for more info on some of the Oakland neighborhoods that I walk through. Its really cool - shows the public stairways and paths as well as the streets. It also color codes the streets to show degree of steepness. 4th edition came out in Sept 2009.

It is published by the Oakland Department of Public Works and is widely available in Oakland including the bicycle store and bookstores in Montclair village in my area. I suggest buying it locally, but if you are keyboard bound, the earlier edition is in Amazon Walk Oakland! Map & Guide. I love that this map is available, but I have learned that some of the paths and stairs are what once was, and have fallen into disrepair. I was walking down one street that I have walked many times. The map said there was a stairway cutting from this street to the one below. I didn't see anything, but asked a couple of young women who were walking down the street behind me. One of them said, "Oh, I used to take them all the time to school, they are right over there". When we looked, no stairs remained, but there was a steep muddy path that still went through.

It shows paths going through areas I have always wondered about, for example, it shows a trail up to Skyline Blvd from the North Oakland Sports Center. That was enough to prompt me to go out there a couple of times, once to follow the trail showing clearly on the map, and then another time, this time with a GPS, to figure out where the trail actually went.

Both of this trips will be subjects of later blog posts.

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  1. Thank you for this resouce! and your great blog! I"ve been walking oakland for years, but only the same places over and over off Grizzly Peak.