Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sibley Desecration

The Sibley Labyrinth is one of the sacred spots in our east bay hills. Hills block the freeway sounds to the east and the west.

A good spot to take grandchildren for a moment with nature.
We've been gone most of the summer, hiking on the long distance trails, so it has been months since we have been to the Sibley Labyrinth. Finally a couple of friends stop by for a hike, and we include the labyrinth. I am absolutely stunned when I round the corner where the labyrinth comes into view. Instead of this scene of peace, there is a giant dam in front of us - fill for a new road cutting around the hill to the east. A major part of the hill has been removed to provide the fill.

As I looked at this, I kept saying how could they do this without a hearing? Maybe something happened while we were gone, but this kind of construction doesn't go on without considerable planning. I still don't know why it was allowed to happen, but our friend was able to find out the purpose.

The road now leads down to a hill with three PG&E towers on it. EBRPD made some sort of trade with PG&E for some of their land for the right to build this road.

I don't know what the park district gained from this trade, but I hope it was substantial. I still find it hard to believe that any EBRPD board member who had been to the labyrinth would allow this desecration.


  1. tomcoroneos@hotmail.comNovember 9, 2009 at 3:40 PM

    Park people traded silently, secretely. Old-time rangers cared for park and people first.