Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ray Jardines new book "Trail Life"

I've been a Ray Jardine fan ever since I read his first book, The Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook, back around 1995. When he came out with Beyond Backpacking in 1999, I snatched it up and again devoured his tips.

This time though, I resisted. I'd been following his tips for 10 years or more - used a tarp in the Sierras, trekked 500 miles in a lightweight pack with no waist belt. What more could he have to say?And lets face it, he is a little off the deep end on some subjects. Also, the book was available only on his website and at full price. Finally I broke down and ordered it from him.

I sat down, read it from cover to cover, and again was captured. He seems so utterly rational that I am tempted to once more "go by the book" - Ray's book. However, I have to keep in mind that he is one of the least likely persons to die a natural death that I know of - and probably is going to drag Jenny along with him. Those adventures, though, give a massive depth of experience. Some 25000 miles of hiking and backpacking, climbing mountains in Antarctica, falling from the sky, paddling across the Atlantic and still going.

In case it's not clear, I do recommend the book. You can gloss over some his extremes, such as the pages on how to remove brand logos from clothing and equipment, and read the nitty gritty. Ultralight pack, quilt, tarp, gear, food.

The book is now available on Amazon, but only from other sellers. You can also order it direct from Ray.

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