Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pacific Crest Trail - this year's trip

Toads, slugs, volcanos. People say that Oregon is just a fast long green break on the way to Canada, but that is not the way we found it. Some truly spectacular mountain wilderness areas - The Sisters, Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, to mention the main ones. It might have been 100 degrees down in Bend, but we had about a week of hiking most of the day in below 40 weather. Still, the ghostly appearance of 100 foot trees shrouded in the fog is worth seeing. Even Mirror Lake was beautiful, with mist rising off of it, and not a mountain reflection to be seen, not even the far shore.

This year we started at highway 58 in Oregon, just past Lake Odell, and finished in Panther Creek Campground, about 3 days into Washington.

In Southern California, lizards are always zipping away from your feet at the last minute. In Oregon it was small toads. Their color varied according to the terrain, but all had a faint yellow stripe down the back. Days later we went through a stretch where we saw more slugs per mile than anywhere else on the PCT. These were sort of a dark olive green.

Our one innovation this trip was cooking breakfast in the tent vestibule (very carefully) - a real luxury on those cold mornings.

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I had better give you at least one mountain picture.

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  1. Now I know why you have been silent for a while. Looks like you had a nice adventrue. Love the sky photo..what color!!
    Are you off to France soon to walk part of the Camino??