Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things that move in the night

Strange things going on in our house. As self publishers, we have piles of boxes with books, stacked in various places in the house, one being directly behind Susan's desk.

This image is from Feb 08, when there used to be a double row of boxes. Each pile is six boxes high, and weighs about 170 lbs.

Now fast forward to May 09, and we notice big gaps between the stacks of boxes. We are not touching these boxes, and now they have gaps between of an inch to two inches:

We have a reasonably stable house. There's no big slope from one side to the other, our windows all open and close just fine. There aren't weird gaps appearing at the top and bottoms of our doors.

The area is known for unknown forces. Nearby we have the labyrinths where supposedly gather peaceful witches and druids.

The whole state has strangeness galore, from Sasquatch in the north, to the Death Valley rock movers in the south.

Do you suppose that we are in the grip of some mysterious power? My rational thought is that since we are about a half mile from the Hayward Fault, those little mini .9 and 1.5 quakes are moving things around a little. But just maybe the books and the rocks, the witches and the druids, and possibly the cows, are heading for some unknown meeting place, plotting to reclaim their world.

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