Thursday, June 26, 2008

StickPic test in Tilden and Timecheck and Backpack45 together

Did another of the East Bay Regional Park Trail Challenge hikes today. A nice route - starts at Little Farm, goes up to Nimitz Way, out for about three miles, down and back via Wildcat Canyon trail. Almost nobody out there due to the smoke warnings. We met one hiker early on, said he had seen a mountain lion a mile back. All we managed to see were cows. At our Pop Tart break, I decided to try the StickPic we had for testing. This is a little camera tripod like device that looks like a fat plastic ring, and fits on the end of the hiking stick.

It worked fine and resulted in one of the few pictures we have of the two of us. However, Susan vetoed her image, so I had to abide by her wishes and just post the above.

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