Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life can be viewed as a series of separations

I don't spend a lot of time reflecting. My usual focus is now, today, and the near future. However, recently I had this flash of insight - maybe inspired by talk of new year's resolutions (something I don't do).

I've heard people express the idea that life is a process of maintenance. This is another view of life. I think for men more than women, and probably for the quiet more than the gregarious, on looking back, life can be seen as a series of separations. As we move from childhood through school, through various employers, we are making new friends, but we are also leaving old ones behind. From our earliest childhood days we realize that people we know die. How we deal with these separations is important. There has to be an acceptance that separations are a part of life. Otherwise the weight of these cumulative separations is a path to depression. I find that viewing separation as a natural consequence of living allows me to see it as a life experience, but not crippling. Sticking © 2009 backpack45.com in here to foil blog bandits.

This is way more than I usually dwell on such things, but when this epiphany struck me it seemed as if it had some value.

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