Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Moment of Music - Night at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

We were strolling near the cathedral, late at night, when we heard voices singing in the distance. Walking towards the sound, we rounded the corner of the cathedral onto the broad plaza that faces the main entrance with the double staircase. On the far side of the plaza stood a small group of people, watching a group of brightly dressed singers.

We crossed over and joined the crowd, watching enthralled for thirty minutes or so, capturing a moment on video. Hit play symbol below image to hear.

Wait, there's more. After we got one of their cds, and crossed the plaza once more to get back to our lodging, we met a solitary man on the other side of the plaza from the singers, but dressed in the same colorful outfit, and with an arm full of records, cds and books. We told him we had already had a cd, but he went on to explain that the group we heard were fakes - just professional musicians, not the authentic musicians that he represented. His group only played in the winter and were university professors. Sticking © 2009 in here to foil blog bandits.

The carvings over one of the cathedral doors shows a group of musicians playing. His group played only those instruments.

As we rejected the opportunity to purchase one of his offerings, his final words to us, before immediately going on to the next couple on their way home, were: "I broke my heart for nothing".

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