Saturday, May 12, 2007

Why the blog title

Don't intend to do this daily, just update as random thoughts prompt.

My wife and I are chronic
long distance hikers, but have limited time, so we are always trying to cram in as much hiking as possible in the two to three week segments of time we have available. As we get older, it takes longer and longer to hit the hiking "zone" where the miles go by in an altered state of mind. Usually three or four days into a backpack, it is still hard. On this last trip on Pacific Crest Trail California section D, it was hot, water available only every other day, so we were carrying about two gallons. Campgrounds we went thru were closed, with the water turned off, and we had this discussion to the effect of "this makes no sense at all".

A week or so later while finishing up the section, we were already busy planning the next PCT trip from Burney Falls to Ashland, Oregon this fall.

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