Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trip planning again with trepidation

This has been the year of weather impacted trips for us. In the spring in Spain; rain and high water forced us to cut our trip short. In August late opening trails in Glacier National Park caused a reroute which we ultimately decided was unfeasible. OK, maybe the prevalence of grizzly bears in that part of the country had something to do with it. Not to worry. There were still relatives back east, so we planned a little trip on the Appalachian Trail in time to see the fall colors. That time is soon coming.


That little red line is about where our trip is planned. That big white thing is Hurricane Irene. We keep checking trail conditions. Words seen in reports are impassable, high water, washed away, detour, trespassing, arrested . . . , but we persevere. Flood waters drain quickly, right? We are used to crawling under and over fallen trees from our PCT days.  At least the fall colors should still be there. Is it going to be hot and miserable, cold and miserable, wet and miserable, all of the above? Tell me again why we keep doing this.

An unforeseen consequence of these trip disasters is that we've been home more than usual, and have been really enjoying that. We're staying more in touch with our friends, and most recently have been hearing and seeing some remarkable musical performances. Oakland has a strong blues tradition, and we caught a couple of festivals featuring local artists. Then, two performers from my youth visited the area in small venues. Out of New Orleans, Dr. John put on a great show at Yoshi's, a jazz club. Last night we Saw Judy Collins in San Francisco at the Rrazz Room. If she ever gets to your area in a small venue, be sure to catch her performance, at least if you are old enough to remember the 60s. Her voice is as good as ever, and she has a real rapport with the audience. Most are her age peers, and she relates to them as peers.