Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GR 65 - a few days of beauty through the snow

I've been scanning the slides for our April-May 2004 walk from Le Puy to Figeac. This is a long process. One slide at a time, I place into the flatbed scanner with a slide adaptor. There is a prescan, then a scan, it goes into Photoshop and I have to adjust the lighting and name the slide. Maybe three minutes per slide.

You would think this is a tedious process, but as I go through the slides I am reliving that wonderful trip. It was cold and wet, rained most days and for five days it snowed, but we were prepared and comfortable. I thought I would share some of those snowy day images. The most snow was on the stretch from Nasbinals through Aubrac and Saint Chely. Click on the images below to see them full size.

To us, daffodils came from bulbs you buy and plant in your yard. Here they were everywhere:
 In the morning there was a dusting of snow
And then Daffodils through the snow
 And then just a track through the sparsely populated high plateau
Leaving Nasbinals with snow coming
When the walking is easy, an umbrella keeps the snow out of your face
Still gaining elevation
Down the other side towards Aubrac
And finally Saint Chely, our destination for the night
When I finish scanning for the entire Le Puy to Figeac segment, I will put together a YouTube of the whole thing, but I wanted to put this out while it was fresh in my mind.


  1. very well done
    you bring back memories


  2. Your photos help me remember our own same path a year later also in the snow.

    Thank you :-)