Sunday, September 2, 2007

Searching for the Peaceable Kingdom

In the political spectrum, I am an environmental bigot. If it improves my hiking experience, I'm for it, if it harms it, I'm against it. If I have to judge something on a broader basis, my standard would whether or not it extends the "age of mammals" (as in "age of dinosaurs"). I live about two miles from Berkeley, Ca so don't hear a lot of differing opinions. I do hear a fair amount about evil in the white house. In the online forums I see rants from the right and the left. From the radio, I hear Dr. Laura's absolutely certain judgments. I hear all these things and wonder how much is heartfelt and how much is theatre. Personal experience with friends, family and acquaintances on both sides of the political gulf tells me that caring people can come up with opposite opinions.

My nature is to calm things down. You will never see me posting in all caps, as that would be SHOUTING. I do like to get my way. Being the oldest child, I have to fight falling into what others call my "big brother" mode of giving instruction on how to do things, however unwanted that instruction is. My genes tell me that confrontation is to be avoided, and my experience tells me that for the most part, it is ineffective. Sticking © 2009 in here to foil blog bandits.

I do have a point to all this. One of the publishing forums I belong to allows rants on weekends, and they usually boil down to right rants vs left, with a few conspiracy theorists thrown in for good measure. Charles Hayes, a member of that forum posted a link to a long essay he had written, titled: Liberal vs. Conservative: Peace at Last. My thought is that this is probably preaching to the choir, as the article follows the liberal tradition of seeing the grey in a situation, but read it yourself and decide. It is the September essay on

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  1. Many thanks for your link to Dana Goodyear's abstract on Coelho.